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Margaret Hyde Heritage Society Member, Lynnie Goss

Lynnie GossIn the recent writing of her estate plans, Lynnie Goss, Lambda Alpha | Kentucky, identified people and places she loved and that gave her joy and named them as beneficiaries of her estate. Lynnie created a permanent legacy to celebrate her friendships and lifelong Fraternity experience by naming the Chi Omega Foundation in her estate plans.

"Not really knowing anything about sororities, I distinctly remember entering the front door of the Chi Omega house on Rose Street during recruitment in 1982, and I knew, almost instantly, I was HOME!"

"The lifelong, loving friendships I've made with my Sisters are truly indescribable. And that my younger sister, Shermie Goss Orazen, became a Chi Omega at Iota Alpha | SMU in 1988 has enhanced our bond as sisters."

"I chose to honor and remember our Fraternity as I planned my estate because of our special Sisterhood and bonds formed through our purposes and Symphony. I am so thrilled to be able to give back, as Chi Omega has filled my heart with such joy during the last 35 years. I hope my gift to the Chi Omega Foundation will enrich the lives of future generations of my Chi Omega Sisters! I encourage you to think about remembering Chi Omega in your estate. The level of professionalism and love I have encountered when working with the ladies of the Chi Omega Foundation is unsurpassed!"

Lynnie is a member of the Foundation's Margaret Hyde Heritage Society, which recognizes those who include the Foundation in their estate plans. She is also a member of the Foundation's Donor Relations Committee and an advisor to Zeta Alpha | Ohio State.

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