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Margaret Hyde Heritage Society Member Julia Carlson

Julia CarlsonWhen young alumna Julia Carlson set a date to work with an estate planner, she knew she wanted to name Chi Omega among her estate gifts. The daughter of a financial advisor, Julia grew up with a deep understanding of the importance of planning for the future.

Julia shares, "It truly is never too early to make a plan for your finances and your estate. I now have peace of mind that my financial legacy will be placed in the hands of people and organizations that I deem appropriate, and not the default as designated by the law. My dad is a financial planner, and I have been raised with a strong awareness that financial planning is critical to a successful life as we age and to avoid stress related to retirement."

Her best advice for young Chi Omegas and young alumnae? Learn financial wellness basics. "Women must have different saving strategies than men because women are more likely to be paid less than their male counterparts and are more likely to take a leave due to children and plateau in their income potential. For this reason, it's arguably more important for women to be aware of their financial health at a younger age."

Having served as Chapter President and Vice President of Pi Beta | University of Minnesota, Julia's gifts to Chi Omega also come in the form of leadership. According to Julia, Chi Omega has also given much in return.

"Chi Omega is quite literally the foundation for the wonderful post-college life that I am fortunate enough to live, and for that reason I feel that I owe this organization a part of my estate someday. Chi Omega has given me so much: my closest friends whose lives I have gotten to be a part of as we all move to different cities, change jobs, move in with significant others or fiancés, buy houses, raise puppies, and get married. (No kids yet in this stage of life, but it's coming!) It has connected me with amazing women who have enabled me to find a lender that I trust as I look into real estate, as well as my first job and my current job, which I love."

Julia finds joy in imagining how her generosity as a member of The Margaret Hyde Heritage Society will benefit future generations of our Sisterhood. "It is my hope that this organization can continue to support women in the way it has supported me – by connecting people of common morals, interests, and goals to form the richest of friendships and connections that are the foundation for a truly fulfilling life."

To learn more about making a Sisterly gift to support Chi Omega today and beyond, contact Sally Stephens Kimball at 901.748.8600 or

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