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Margaret Hyde Heritage Society Member Corinna Casey

Corinna CaseyWhen Corinna Casey and her husband were preparing a living trust after welcoming their second child, it was important to Corinna to pay it forward with a gift to Chi Omega. "Chi Omega has given me so much over the years, way more than I had ever conceived when I first contemplated joining a sorority in college. "I hope my gift will allow Chi Omega to provide the same opportunities and experiences for future generations that were afforded to me."

As an alumna and co-personnel advisor at her initiating chapter at Kappa Lambda | UC San Diego and a national Chi Omega Foundation volunteer, Corinna appreciates that Chi Omega offers more than Sisterhood for our members. She sees firsthand gifts to the Chi Omega Foundation at work in the form of educational resources and leadership training for our collegiate and alumnae members, annual visits from National Leadership Consultants, Fireside Leadership Training, and the Nancy Walton Laurie Leadership Institute of Chi Omega. All of these resources provide invaluable information, tools, and strategies to guide wise decision-making among chapter leaders and members during their college years and beyond.

Now is the time to join Corinna in supporting our Sisterhood to ensure all Sisters now and in the future have access to valuable educational and leadership training. "By making a Sisterly gift to the Chi Omega Foundation we can impact over 300,000 women and help nurture and shape our future leaders," Corinna says. "The opportunity to support Chi Omega in providing these educational resources and opportunities is incredibly rewarding, and I am quite proud to be able to give back. I encourage others to do the same because each gift, no matter its size, makes a difference and helps Chi Omega foster this nurturing and empowering Sisterhood."

If you want to leave money to the Chi Omega Foundation in your will, you can complete your gift in as little as one sentence. This type of donation to the Chi Omega Foundation in your will or living trust helps ensure that educational resources and training can reach Sisters for years to come.

Corinna understands the challenges of planning ahead for a living trust. "I don't know what our net worth will be or what would be an appropriate amount to give without taking away from my children when I pass away, but I knew when I developed my trust that it was important to contribute to the future of Chi Omega in my legacy, so I set aside a percentage of whatever I have to give to Chi Omega." Gifts from thoughtful Sisters, like Corinna, ensure that future generations of Chi Omega women will have access to leadership development and resources to help Sisters become strong leaders on their campus and in their communities.

To learn more about making a Sisterly gift to support Chi Omega today and beyond, contact Sally Stephens Kimball at or 901.748.8600.

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